Kafie 1901 Culebra

Wrapper     Nicaragua Habano Maduro

Binder        Honduras Jamastran

Filler           Nicaragua

Strength     Scale 1-10   (7)

Body          Scale 1-10   (7)

Flavor.       Medium to Full


Product Details

The Kafie 1901 Culebra cigar pays tribute to the artisanal nature of the premium cigar world.  Hand made in Honduras by master cigar rollers to pay homage to the history of the Culebra cigars.  First developed in the 1890's in the Philippines, and decades later traces of the Culebra cigar were found made in Ohio, and Wisconsin in the United States.  Cuba really made these cigars famous as their 3 iconic brands all feature a Culebra.  Understanding the competition is tough, Kafie 1901 Cigars as a company decided to take on the challenge to build the finest Culebra cigar coming out of Honduras.   At the turn of the century was also a time when the Kafie's settled in Central America and Honduras.  Dr. Gaby Kafie is honored to pay tribute to that era.

Expect an outstanding experience. Smoke each cigar separately (separate). Excellent draw, full flavored, intriguing in strength.  Don't be surprised if this becomes a regular in your rotation.  A great travel companion.


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