The selection below are this month’s featured products.  All from family-owned boutique companies.  Small batch production, with a focus and dedication on quality and consistency, is what makes boutique products truly special.  Take this journey with us to experience the taste of each region.

Our Story

The Kafie family has a history in Central America since 1901.

My grandfather arrived to Puerto Cortes, Honduras in 1901 at the turn of the 20th century. My grandmother was born in La Union, El Salvador in 1901. We take great pride in knowing that our family roots are over a century deep in Latin America.

Our family bloodline originates in the holy land. my grandfather made his way to the Americas via Great Britain arriving to the shores of Ellis Island, New York in 1901. Rather than settling in North America, my grandfather decided to make the next journey by ship to Central America.

Our ancestors travelled by way of steam ship to reach new lands in Central America. Many of those ships were owned by British Companies, the Boston Fruit Co., and the United Fruit Company. These ships became the leading operators of fruit trade in Central America. Over 300 steam ships during that era transported fruit, coffee, tobacco, raw materials, and people to and fro.

Protecting the legacy

A BCA Podcast Hosted by Dr. Gaby Kafie, and Armen Caprielian Join us as we discuss the current state of affairs in the premium cigar industry.

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