Kafie 1901 Don Fernando(D.F.) Maduro


Nicaragua Habano Maduro


Africa (Cameroon)


Dominican Republic (Andullo Special)/Nicaragua/Pennsylvania/Dominican Republic


Scale 1-10 (8)


Scale 1-10 (8)


Medium to Full


Product Details

Hand Made at La Aurora Cigars Factory (Nov. 2021)

The cigar was created to commemorate the life and legacy of Don Fernando Kafie, the later father of Dr. Gaby Kafie. The life of my father was bold, full of character, flavorful, and exciting. In his 3 children he leaves behing a legacy that is a reflection of the hard work and sacrifices he made to make sure the next generation succeeds. With that said, this cigar was built using tobaccos that would be a reflection of the life of Don Fernando. The cigar is wrapped with a Nicaraguan Habano maduro that is full of character, and filled with tobaccos that balance out the boldness with rich flavors and strength. The highlight of this blend is the rare Dominican Andullo tobacco which is found in the filler. This smoking experience is a journey like no other. Enjoy.


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